Adolf Hitler / New Year's Eve / Obersalzberg / 1939 - 1943

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1080p24 (24fps)
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4:3 pillarbox
Jan 1, 1939 - Apr 30, 1943
Archival Footage

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Clip theme

Anna Döhring People Christa Schroeder Female Private Secretary Female Secretary Secretary (Job) Max Amann Publisher Sofie Storck Gerda Bormann Blondi German Shepherd Shepherd Dog Dog Breed Dog Mammal Animal Gerda Christian Heinrich Hoffmann Photographer Personal Physician Doctor Medical Staff Medical Profession Ilse Braun Anni Brandt Honi Morell Maid Domestic Servant Domestic Servant Gretl Braun Joachim von Ribbentrop Politician Politics Eva Braun Reichsminister Minister Servant Secretary of State Reichskanzler Chancellor (Politician) Adolf Hitler Wife Woman Personality Pet (Animal) Girl Child Man (Human) Adult


Prancing Keeping Watch Looking Sensory Perception Teasing (Bantering) Hitler Salute Greeting Communicating Looking at View Serving (Activity) Mimic Congratulating Fooling Around Getting in Arrival Kissing Body Contact Handshake Visit Photographing Looking At Home Movies Reading Conversing Speaking Laughing Dance Looking at Camera Sitting Smiling

Recording location

Berghof Obersalzberg Berchtesgaden Berchtesgadener Land Upper Bavaria Bavaria (State) Southern Germany Germany Europe (Continent)

Further content information

Johann Rattenhuber SS Personnel National Socialist National Socialism Fascism Chief Warrant Officer Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) Erich Kempka Franz Xaver Schwarz Max Wünsche SS-Leibstandarte Schutzstaffel Albert Forster Gauleiter Karl Wolff Reinhard Heydrich Waffen-SS Wilhelm Brückner SA Personnel Hermann Esser Karl Brandt Panorama Window Window (Architecture) Gerhard Engel Lieutenant Soldier Julius Schaub Walther Hewel Galeazzo Ciano Earl Monarchy Martin Bormann Adolf Wagner Theo Morell Albert Speer Iron Cross Medal (Military) Coffee Party Heinrich Himmler Teahouse House Building (Edifice) SS Uniform Military Uniform Uniform Clothes SS Soldier German Soldier Collection Eva Braun Dress Uniform Life Guards Guards (Military) Leather Trousers Trousers Dirndl Dress Magnifying Glass Steel Helmet Helmet Headguard Headgear Mercedes-Benz Daimler-Benz Daimler Berchtesgaden Alps Northern Limestone Alps Limestone Alps Alps Mountain Region Mountain Landscape New Year's Eve Festival (Feast) New Year Holiday (Work-Free Day) Day of Commemoration Highlights1511 Armchair Furniture Private Swastika Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) Dictator Head of State Magazine Deck Chair Birthday Jubilee Anniversary Cabriolet Car Foolish Outlook (View) Coffee Cup Cup Drinking vessels Dishes Terrace (Architecture) State Visit International Relation Wehrmacht German Military Peaked Cap Cap (Hat) Photography Newspaper Promenade (Walk) Leisure Time Sister Siblings Family 3rd Reich German Reich Document (Papers) Coat Rain Precipitation Weather Daughter Wall (Architecture) Hat Suit National Costume Mass Media Folklore Tradition Traditional Culture Mother Fog (Weather) 2 (Quantity) Mountains Group of People Group Historical Footage 1 (Quantity) Day Stock Footage

Camera settings used in this stock video

Shot on Film Timelapse Sequence Special Visualisation Indoor Shot Pan (Camera Movement) Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot


Canis Lupus Familiaris Mammalia
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