Leisure Time / Lumière / 1895 - 1896

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Waiter Service (Gastronomy) Service (Act of Working) Service Occupation Swan Anseriformes Bird Animal Living Being Water Bird Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild)
Playing Cards Playing Feeding (Animal Care) Hopping Jumping Feeding (Human) Throwing Bathing Eating (Human) Consuming Drinking Splashing (Liquid) Observing Looking Sensory Perception Sitting Walking
Recording location
Milan Lombardy Northern Italy Italy Southern Europe Europe (Continent) Paris (France) Ile-de-France France Western Europe
Further content information
Repas de bébé Film Audiovisual Culture Sack Racing Children's Game Play (Game) Leisure Time Lumière Pioneer of Film History of Film 19th Century Header (Dive) Figure (Sport) Sports Diving Board Playing Card Toy Lido Public Swimming Pool Turn of the Century Card Game Somersault Milestone (Progress) Progress (Milestone) Security (Emotion) Feeling Trust (Emotion) Feeling Fountain (Water) Water (Liquid) Trash & Style Competition (Concept) Historic Event Care Pool (Swimming) Fountain (Construction) Parents Family Baby Child People Funny Hat Headgear Over 15 (Quantity) Father Mother Love (Emotion) Feeling Uniform Clothes 6-15 (Quantity) Table (Furniture) Furniture Audience (People) Group of People Group Outdoor Recreation Recreational Activities Park Green Space 3-5 (Quantity) Boy Male (Human) Ship Watercraft Vehicle Waterside Body of Water Lake Joy Feeling Group of Animals Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
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Shot on Film Architecture Medium Shot Full Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Cygnini Anserinae Aves

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