FIFA World Cup / Manuel Neuer / Harald Schumacher / News Footage / 1982 - 2014

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"Libero" Neuer: Bewusstes Risiko - und Erinnerungen an 1982 Torwart-Legende Toni Schumacher lobt Nationaltorwart Manuel Neuer für sein offensives Spiel. Aber der Vize-Weltmeister weiß auch um die Gefahren, die aus dieser Spielweise entstehen können. Vor dem Viertelfinale gegen Frankreich kommen Erinnerungen an den Zusammenprall mit Patrick Battiston 1982 hoch.
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Patrick Battiston Harald Schumacher Manuel Neuer Bastian Schweinsteiger Algerian Injured Person Goalkeeper Sportsman Sports German (Person) European Football Player (Soccer) French Personality Professional (Sports)
Interview (Media) Speaking Communicating Running Playing
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Brazil South America America Latin America
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SID West Germany v France 1982 Germany-France International Match Algeria-Germany Running Exercise Sports Training Last Sixteen Tournament Sports Event Semi Final DFB Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) Germany National Football Team German National Team National Team Team Sport Podium (Stage) Foul Rule Breach French National Team Duel (Sports) WC 2014 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Soccer Tournament Football Skill Football (Sport) Ball Sports News Media Culture Press Conference Injury Photography Microphone Soccer Ball Ball (Object) Football Match (Soccer) Professional Football Logo Image Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Event (Cultural) Team Group of People Group Historical Footage News Footage People Living Being

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