Olympic Stadium / Nazi Architecture / End of War / 1945

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Stock Video Description
Plaque showing date Olympic - panning down to Adolf Hitlers name of members of committee
Clip theme
Adolf Hitler People Living Being Politician Politics Pedestrian
Waving (Sway) Standing Walking
Recording location
Westend (Berlín) Charlottenburg Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Road User Traffic Podbielski-Eiche Oak Fagaceae Fagales Flowering Plant Plant Tier Seat (Object) Main Entrance Entrance Olympic Fire Fire (Flame) Memorial Tablet Plaque (Sign) Diving Platform Olympic District Sports Facilities Sports Occupying Power Nazi Architecture Architectural Style NSDAP Right-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Torch (Fire) Olympic Stadium (Berlin) Olympic Stadium Stadium British Flag National Flag Flag Display Panel Display (Electronic) Broken Zone of Occupation British Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Time of Occupation End of War War Conflict Political Event British Military Tank (Military) Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle War Damage Damaged Postwar Period Tribune Aftermath Bad Condition National Socialism Fascism Historic Event 3rd Reich German Reich Pool (Swimming) Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Second World War Deciduous Tree Tree (Plant) Landmark (Sights) Sights Capital City Metropolis (City) Large City City Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) No People Day
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Vertical Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Horizontal Pan Close-up Medium Shot Full Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Quercus Fagaceae Fagales Magnoliopsida

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