Queen Elizabeth II / Coronation / London / Jun 2, 1953

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In the hush of Westminster Abbey's vastness peers and peeresses in scarlet ceremonial robes witness the supreme moment; when; after being anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Queen has placed her head the crown of Saint Edward. She is then enthroned. All the pageantry originated since the day of William the Conqueror and the subsequent days of feudal chivalry enter into the ceremony.
Clip theme
Bobby Policeman British Prime Minister Prime Minister Politician Politics Winston Churchill Sailor Equestrian Celebrity Personality Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Production Animal
Formal Courtesy Curtsy Oath of Allegiance Oath Swearing Putting On Jewelry Grooming Coronation Shoving Putting On (Accessory) Bowing Kneeing Leg Movement Sitting Down Waving (Somebody Waving a Flag) Getting Off Giving Marching Walking Kissing Body Contact Waving (Sway) Waiting Greeting Communicating Riding (Horse) Carrying Holding Running Sitting Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Smiling Mimic Looking Sensory Perception
Recording location
London England Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Geoffrey Fisher Archbishop of Canterbury Archbishop Bishop Ecclesiastic Religion Culture Admiralty Arch Triumphal Arch Political Building Sceptre Insignia Coronation Robes Clothes Crown Jewel Jewel (Jewellery) Jewelry Train (Clothes) Countess of Snowdon Countess Monarchy Baldachin Anne of England Princess (Princess) Margaret of England The Mall Street Westminster Abbey Abbey Monastery Sacred Structure Charles of England Prince of Wales Crown Prince Prince (Prince) Horse Guards Guards (Military) Military Personnel Army (Military) Throne Armchair Furniture Queen Mum Mother of the Queen Queen (Monarchy) Monarch (Monarchy) British Army Army (Ground Forces) Guard of Honour Philip of England Prince Consort Trafalgar Square Square (Plaza) Buckingham Palace Royal Palace Palace Elizabeth of England Respect Crown (Accessory) Queen (Monarchy) Royal Family Royal House Queen Elizabeth II Houses of Parliament Parliament Building (Building) State Ceremony Political Institution Discipline (Drill) Temptation Big Ben Tower (Building) Wreath Highlights1511 Religious Clothing Altar Place of Worship Sanctuary Order (Concept) British Monarchy Government Quarter District City British Soldier Soldier Clock Tower (Tower) Police Uniform Uniform British Military Avenue (Boulevard) Boulevard Ceremonial Clothing Formal Wear Coach (Carriage) Horse-Drawn Cart Harnessed Team Traditional Means of Transport Land Vehicle Vehicle Solemn Balcony Democracy Parade (Procession) Event (Cultural) Head of State Historic Event Gate (Architecture) Serious Feeling Crowded Wealthiness Police Hat Headgear Audience (People) Group of People Group Flag Crowd Boy Male (Human) People Landmark (Sights) Sights Wind Child Joy Feeling Capital City Metropolis (City) Large City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Adult Day Newscast Audiovisual
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Zoom Outdoor Shot Newsreel
Equus Equidae Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammalia Animalia

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