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Nuremberg Rally Premises / Blasting / Nuremberg / 1945

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Bucket Brigade Human Chain People Living Being Trümmerfrau Mason Craftsman Worker (Human) Pedestrian
Handing Over Giving Blasting Patrolling Reconstruction (Rebuilding) Building (Constructing) Cleanup Efforts Collecting Pushing Dusting (Dust) Explosion Destruction Death Carrying Transport Working Walking
Recording location
Zeppelintribüne Nuremberg Rally Premises Nuremberg Middle Franconia Franconia Bavaria (State) Southern Germany Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Zeppelin Field Democratic Sector East Berlin Berlin (City) Tiergarten (District) Mitte (Borough) Berlin-Mitte (Locality) Munich Upper Bavaria
Further content information
Road User Traffic Garrison Cap Cap (Hat) Headgear 18th of March Square Square (Plaza) Pariser Platz Wheelbarrow Cart Traditional Means of Transport Land Vehicle Vehicle Munich Frauenkirche Liebfrauenkirche Frauenkirche Church Sacred Structure Firewood Wood (Material) Allied Alliance Politics Soviet Sector Zone of Occupation Unter den Linden Street Bombed Out Nazi Architecture Architectural Style NSDAP Right-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Wooden Board Brick Building Material Brandenburg Gate Gate (Architecture) Shovel Tool Cloud of Smoke Smoke Swastika Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) Culture Hammer (Tool) End of War War Conflict Political Event Dust Cloud Dust Particle Dead Body Bucket Debris Bomb Damage Damaged Wehrmacht German Military Army (Military) War Damage Postwar Period German Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Allied Soldier G.I. American Soldier Aftermath Armed Bad Condition National Socialism Fascism Historic Event 3rd Reich German Reich US Army Old Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Wall (Architecture) Weapon Historical Building Building (Edifice) Ruin Second World War Lifestyle (Daily Life) City Centre District City Landmark (Sights) Sights Cloud Weather Car Motor Vehicle Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) No People Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Travelling Shot Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Aerial High Angle Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot

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