Bundeswehr / International Relation / USA / 1955

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Stock Video Description
creation of a German Army
Clip theme
Teacher German (Person) European American Bovid Cloven Hoofed Animal Cetartiodactyla Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Cattle (Bovini) Bos Bovine
Rearmament Pause Coffee Break Break Recruitment Eavesdropping Listening Sensory Perception Course (Education) Aiming Counting Listening to Teaching Smoking Consuming Explaining Speaking Communicating Handshake Crawling (Go on all Fours) Photographing Greeting Writing Learning Conversing Observing Looking Sitting Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking
Recording location
Fort Belvoir Fairfax County Virginia East Coast (USA) USA North America America Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland
Further content information
M65 Atomic Cannon Cannon Piece of Artillery Artillery (Weapon) Firearm Weapon Skysweeper Aerial Defense Cannon Recruiting offices Office Work Test Site Terrain Air Raid Defenses Army (Military) Drill Instructor Military Personnel Placard Recruit (Military) Welcome Sign Sign (Signboard) Bundeswehr German Military Commander Officer (Millitary) Steel Helmet Helmet Headguard Headgear Blackboard Slate Interest American Army Army (Ground Forces) Track Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Signpost Attending School School Education Military Base Tank (Military) Military Plane Classroom Class (Procedure) Armed Curiosity International Relation Politics Western Script Lettering Figure (Sign) Culture Lowlands Offenland Wife Woman Female (Human) People Photographic Camera Camera US Army Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Rural Scene Meadow Green Space Group of People Group Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Sequence Indoor Shot Outdoor Shot
Bovidae Artiodactyla Cetartiodactyla Eutheria Mammalia Animalia Bovini Bos Bovinae

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