Carnival / Postwar Period / Germany / 1946

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1946; Germany: post-war period; post-war years; postwar. A snowy landscape; possibly in the Alps. People in strange costumes dance and parade in the snow. Children scream and hide from the costumed figures. Men open mask flaps and drink beer that local women bring them.
Recording location
Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Perchten Mythology Culture Mythological Character New Year Holiday (Work-Free Day) Day of Commemoration Costume (Carnival) Costumes Postwar Period Fear Feeling Carnival Fair (Funfair) Festival (Feast) Mask (Object) Costume (Clothes) Clothes Snowfall Precipitation Weather Village Alps Mountain Region Mountain Landscape Child People Living Being Winter Season Snow Leisure Time Group of People Group Historical Footage Building (Edifice) Day Stock Footage
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Shot on Film Sequence Special Visualisation Architecture Outdoor Shot

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