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A Bajau fisherman moves around on a coral reef, hunting for fish. Looking up he views a large school of trigger fish. Swimming towards them, he fires his spear, and ascends into the light from above. Shot in 120fps, slow motion.
Clip theme
Saltwater Fish Fish (Species) Aquatic Animals Animal Living Being Fisherman (Job) Coral Cnidarian Coelenterate Sea Life Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild)
Surfacing Emerging Fishery (Fishing) Diving (Procedure) Hunting Swimming
Recording location
Bajau Indonesia Southeast Asia Far East Asia
Further content information
Collection Benjamin Sadd Spear (Weapon) Thrust Weapon Weapon Highlights1614 Armed Coral Reef Reef Sea (Landscape) Body of Water School of Fish Swarm Group of Animals Group Tropics Non Urban Scene 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Male (Human) People Adult
Camera settings used in this stock video
Underwater Shot Slowmotion Handheld Camera Medium Shot Full Shot Eye Level
Pisces Cnidaria Coelenterata

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