Parade / Victory Celebration / London / 1945 - 1946

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Stock Video Description
King and queen; with Princess Elizabeth; Princess Margaret Rose; and Queen Mother Mary in horse-drawn carriage attended by Captain's Escort of the Household Cavalry; (State landau); driving through streets of London
Clip theme
Cossack Ethnic Group People Living Being Equestrian Personality Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Mammal Animal
Inspecting (Walking) Walking Trotting Running Defilee Saluting Military Step Marching Partying
Recording location
London England Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Norwegian Army Army (Ground Forces) Army (Military) Norwegian Military Margaret of England Princess Monarchy Politics VIP Stand Tribune Victory Parade Parade (Military) Event (Cultural) British Army Norwegian Flag National Flag Flag Marching Band Music Group Music Culture Elizabeth of England Queen (Monarchy) Monarch (Monarchy) George VI of England King (Monarchy) Victory Celebration Celebration (Event) Escort Cavalry Troop Military Unit British Flag American Army Order (Concept) British Monarchy Royal House End of War War Conflict Political Event British Military Postwar Period American Flag Parade (Procession) US Army Row Second World War Crowd Group of People Group Capital City Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) High Angle Shot Long Shot Lockdown Outdoor Shot
Equus Mammalia

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