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Animation of human chromosomes. Chromosomes are structures containing an organism's DNA genetic material; which form during cell division. DNA usually exists as a long strand in the cell's nucleus; and it is replicated in this form. During replication; another copy of the DNA is produced. In preparation for mitotic cell division; the DNA condenses into chromosomes; a tightly-packed form of DNA shaped like an X. The X is formed of the two identical copies of the genetic material left after replication. These are linked by a central region called the centromere. During mitosis; the two halves of the chromosome (chromatids) separate at the centromere; and each half is pulled to opposite sides of the cell. This then divides; giving rise to two identical daughter cells. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes; half of each pair from the mother and father. This animation is also available on a white background (K005 5520) and a transparent background (K005 5521).
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Mitosis Cell Division Cell (Biology) Cellular Biology Biology DNA Replication Chromosome DNA Genome Genetics Molecular Biology Reproduction (Procreation) Mobile Phone Telephone Telecommunication Communication Technology Black (Color) People Living Being
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