Shotlist: Wonder women

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Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Earth Circumnavigation, Amelia Earhart, Flight Pioneer, Aviation History, Pilot (Airoplane), Getting in, Midair, Starting, Flying (Flight), Historical Footage, Woman, USA, Day,

Video 1

News Footage / Oct 10, 2014
Great Britain, Historical Footage, News Footage, AFP,

Video 2

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Filmziehbank, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, University of Duisburg-Essen, Laboratory Worker, Biochemistry, Duesseldorf, Pharmacy (Drugstore), Schooling (Education), Natural Scientist, Studying (Learning), Ruhr Area, Researcher, Chemistry, Student (University), Academic (Scientist), Institution of Higher Education, Research (Science), North Rhine-Westphalia, Device, Machine, Medicine, Germany, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Mid Europe, People, Europe (Continent), Stock Footage,

Video 3

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Tukwila, Server (Computer), Computer Scientist, Computer Centre, Computer Room, Grating (Shape), EDP, Arms Crossed, Grid (Archictecture), Japanese, Data Transmission, Toothy Smile, 25-30 Years, Asian Ethnicity, Looking at Camera, Standing, Working, Staging (Film), Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People,

Video 4

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Vostok Programme, Valentina Tereshkova, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Spacesuit, Climbing Up, Launch Pad, Soviet Space Program, Human Spaceflight, Pioneer (Human), Crew, USSR, Eastern Bloc, Historic Event, Stairway, Helmet, Personality, Walking, Group of People, Historical Footage, Adult, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 5

Attacking / Training / Fencing
Touché, Foil Fencing, Fencing Uniform, Fencing Mask, Fencer, Duel (Duelling), Piste (Fencing), Agile, Attacking, Practicing, Skillful, Fit, Greeting, Training, Fair-Skinned, Sportsman, Staging (Film), 2 (Quantity), Walking, Woman, Man (Human), Adult,

Video 6

News Footage / Feb 2, 2017
Ankara, News Footage, AFP,

Video 7

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Quadruple Scull, Solidarity (Unity), Synchronously, Rowing, Achievement, Teamwork, Team Sport, Water Sports, Professional (Sports), Sportsman, Shot Outside the US, Cloudy, Germany, Woman, Adult, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 8

Rights not available

Suffragette, Feminism, Emancipation, Women's Rights, Feminist Movement, Liberation, Protest Movement, Policeman, Group of People, Historical Footage, USA, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 9

People / Boxing / Punch
Boxercise, Punch (Boxing), Boxing Gloves, Fist, Strictness, Beating, Slim, Determination, Physical Exercise, Work Out, Athletic, Strength, Wellness, Serious, Fitness, Black (Color), Sportswear, Red (Color), Beauty, Lifestyle (Concept), 20-30 Years, Young Adult, Leisure Time, Caucasian Ethnicity, Woman,

Video 10

Politician / Islamabad / Pakistan
Benazir Bhutto, Islamabad, Speech, Supporter, Personality, Politician, Crowd, Event (Cultural), Capital City, Politics, Historical Footage, AFP, Adult, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 11

Western Riding / Horse / Training
Living Being, Barrel Racing, Course, Bin, Gallopping, Paddock (Animal Husbandry), Equestrianism, Ashland, Training, Horse, Outdoor Recreation, Production Animal, Non Urban Scene, Tree (Plant), Woman, 1 (Quantity), Nature, Adult, Sunshine, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 12

Marie Curie / Scientist / France / 1920-1929
Institut du Radium, Marie Curie, Radioactivity, Chemist, Milestone (Progress), Researcher, Laboratory, Scientist, Reading, Research (Science), Personality, Residential Building, Working, Historical Footage, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 13

High Line / Woman
Laetitia Gonnon, Slackliner, High Line (Slackline), High Wire, Abysm, Having a Head for Heights, Safety Rope, Highlights1504, Depth, Balance, Risk, Challenge, Mountain Sports, Skillful, Courage, Self-confidence, Concentration, Outdoor Recreation, Village, Sportsman, Walking, Mountain Region, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, Sunshine, Day,

Video 14

News Footage / Jul 14, 2016
Kenyan, Chimp, Sanctuary, News Footage, AFP, People,

Video 15

Surfing / Hawaii / Aerial
Highlights1701, Surfboard, Oahu, Surfer, Surfing (Sport), Hawaii (U.S. State), Horizon Over Water, Water Sports, Tourist, Outdoor Recreation, Holidays, Wave, Blue Sky, Tourism, Recreational Activities, Lifestyle (Concept), Sportsman, Coast, Non Urban Scene, Leisure Time, Travel Destination, Sea (Landscape), Woman, USA, Nature, North America, Body of Water, Sunshine, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 16

Rights not available

Colette Duval, Breathing Again, Perpignan, Relief (Emotion), Pointing a Finger, Free Fall, World Record, Parachute, Parachuting (Sport), Admiration, Spyglass, Congratulating, Landing Strip, Achievement, Safety Helmet, Hand Sign, Greeting, Landing (Flying), Midair, Action (Concept), Showing, Falling (Procedure), Audience (People), Professional (Sports), Running, Observing, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, Day,

Video 17

Woman / Cycling / Fitness Gym
Sports Lesson, Fitness Room, Strenuousness, Body Consciousness, Breathing, Fitness Gym, Amateur (Sports), Work Out, Cycling (Procedure), 20-25 Years, Bicycle, Sportswear, Fair-Skinned, Recreational Activities, Lifestyle (Concept), Sportsman, Staging (Film), Caucasian Ethnicity, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult,

Video 18

Freeclimbing / Climbing / South Africa
Freeclimbing, Cape Town, Outdoor Recreation, Sportsman, Shot Outside the US, Rock (Crag), Summer, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 19

Acrobat / Germany / 1965
Acrobatics, Cologne, Risk, Topless, Trust (Emotion), Rope, Climbing (Moving), Elegance, Expertise, Si gira!, Heterosexual Couple, Rotating, Artist, Sportsman, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 20

Summer Olympics / England / 2012
Mile End Stadium, Sanya Richards-Ross, Olympic Games 2012, Running Track, Track and Field Athlete, Stretching (Exercise), Summer Olympics, Runner (Running), American, Training, London, Professional (Sports), Sportsman, Capital City, Historical Footage, Woman, 1 (Quantity), AFP, Adult, People, Day,

Video 21

Aung San Suu Kyi / Politician / Myanmar / 2012
Palace of Nations, Aung San Suu Kyi, Naypyidaw, Government Supporter, Geneva (City), Rangoon, Parliament Building (Building), News Media, Press Conference, Stage (Performance), Public Building, Photographer, Microphone, Journalist, Cheering (Jubilating), Enthusiasm, Photographing, Clapping, Partying, Mass Media, Personality, Politician, Crowd, Speaking, Joy, Politics, Historical Footage, AFP, Adult, People, Day,

Video 22

Woman / Yoga Posture / Beach
Sun Salutation, Bridge (Sports), Agility (Physical), Handstand, Goa, Yoga, Body Consciousness, Afternoon, Well-Being, Idyll, Strength, Healthy Living, Fitness, Light Reflection, Sandy Beach (Beach), Silhouette, Horizon, Standing, Tranquillity, Lifestyle (Concept), Staging (Film), Shot Outside the US, Sea (Landscape), Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, Sunshine, Stock Footage,

Video 23

Rights not available

Eleanor Holm, Swimming Race, Swimmer, Swimming Stadium, Highlights1403, Swimming (Sports), Winning, Speech, Championship, Competition (Event), Los Angeles, Historical Footage, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Day, Stock Footage,

Video 24

Bungee Jumping / New Zealand
Tandem Jump, Southern Alps, Bungee Jumping, Test of Courage, South Island, Waving (Beckoning), Action (Concept), Outdoor Recreation, River, Mountains, Group of People, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 25

Jet Ski / Lake Mead / Nevada / USA
Lake Mead, Jet Ski, Reservoir, Nevada, Driving (Procedure), 2 (Quantity), Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 26

News Footage / Jul 13, 2015
Vision (Concept), Income, Clinton (Oklahoma), New York City, News Footage, AFP,

Video 27

Rights not available

Marian Anderson, March on Washington, Capitol Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Civil Rights Movement, Abraham Lincoln, Racial Segregation, National Mall, Washington Monument, Highlights1511, Obelisk, Discrimination, Lectern, Commitment (Social), Demonstrator, Applauding, Speech, Historic Event, Celebrity, Multi-ethnic, Singing, Pond, Protest, African-American Ethnicity, Statue, Music, Crowd, Park, Togetherness, Capital City, Caucasian Ethnicity, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Adult, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 28

News Footage / Jun 28, 2016
Michelle Obama, Obama (Japan), Marrakech, News Footage, AFP,

Video 29

News Footage / Dec 18, 2015
Vatican City, Pope, Mother, News Footage, AFP,

Video 30

Angelina Jolie / UNHCR / Iraq
Special Ambassador, Bulletproof Vest, Angelina Jolie, UNHCR, Refugee Camp, Dedication, Hollywood (Motion Picture Industry), Film Star, Actress, Pauperism, Iraq, Handshake, Visit, Actor, Greeting, Baby, Artist, Speaking, Group of People, Historical Footage, Woman, AFP, Man (Human), Adult, Stock Footage,

Video 31

Diving / Snorkelling / Indian Ocean / Maldives
Horse-eye Jack, Silver (Color), Scuba Diving, Amateur (Sports), Diver (Swimming), Maldives, Looking At, School of Fish, Water Sports, Water Surface, Indian Ocean, Holidays, Sea Life, Swimming (Procedure), Togetherness, Recreational Activities, Sportsman, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Video 32

Skiing / GoPro
Anorak, Riding Down, Ski (Equipment), Ski Goggles, GoPro, Winter Holidays, Foolish, Skiing Region, Amateur (Sports), Trash & Style, Learning, Outdoor Recreation, Lifestyle (Concept), Sportsman, Snow, Cloudy, Germany, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People, Day,

Video 33

Woman / Yoga / Lifestyle
Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Lotus Position, Yoga Posture, Cats at the Cream, Meditation, Body Consciousness, Girlfriend, Healthy Living, Concentration, 25-30 Years, Relaxing (Human), Park, 30-35 Years, Tranquillity, Recreational Activities, Lifestyle (Concept), Sportsman, Young Adult, Staging (Film), Shot Outside the US, Summer, 2 (Quantity), Caucasian Ethnicity, Germany, Woman, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 34

Woman / Climbing / Rock Face
Gruppo del Catinaccio, Free Climber, Securing, Safety Rope, Exhaustion, Freeclimbing, Strenuousness, Challenge, Climbing (Moving), South Tyrol, Rock Face, Helmet, Outdoor Recreation, World Natural Heritage, Sportsman, Travel Destination, Mountains, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 35

Rights not available

Red Cross Appeal, Appeal for Money, Rund um die Freiheitsstatue, Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady, Compassion, Charity (Concept), Commitment (Social), Washington (City), Looking at Camera, Capital City, Historical Footage, 1 (Quantity), Adult, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 36

News Footage / Aug 9, 2013
Swiss (Airline), South Africa, Historical Footage, News Footage, AFP,

Video 37
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