Paramount Pictures Theatrical Short Subject Series via Shields Pictures

The cornerstone of California based production company Shields Pictures Inc. is the ownership and representation of three remarkable Paramount Pictures Theatrical Short Subject Series produced from 1935 to 1950 which all may be licensed via Framepool:

- POPULAR SCIENCE® historic film series - A tour de force of Science & Discovery, Invention & Technology
- UNUSUAL OCCUPATIONS - Astounding profiles of Amazing Individuals, Weird Workers and Crazy Collections the world over
- SPEAKING OF ANIMALS - A two-time Academy Award-winning Talking Animal Series created by Tex Avery

POPULAR SCIENCE® Film Series presented by The Packard Humanities Institute in association with Shields Pictures Inc.
POPULAR SCIENCE® is a Trademark of Bonnier Active Media, Inc. - Perpetual Use License secured by PHI & Shields
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