Digitalising Film

Negatives and positives
Original format 35mm, Super35, 16mm, Super16, Normal 8, Super 8
Wetgate/Drygate scan

HD, 2K, 4K or higher?

It's advisable to aim for a higher resolution, in order to meet future video standards and for the additional use in print projects. However, scanning time increases with higher resolutions. The selected target resolution should be based both on the source format and on intended use.
Our advice: Choose the optimal resolution for your original format to avoid cost and effort for future digitisation.
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Target formats

Output as DPX sequence, ProRes video file or other, user specific target formats

Film restoration

Depending on the age and condition of the film rolls, digital film restoration such as automatic retouching of scratches and dust particles, degraining and stabilization can be useful. Image defects caused by scratches and dust particles on the film can be reduced or completely eliminated via analog Wetgate scan.

Flexible scan solutions

To save you the hassle, cost and risk of transportation for a larger number of film rolls, we also offer installation of state-of-the-art scanners at your facility. In this case, your team will be trained to operate the scanner.

Once your scan project has been successfully completed, we will collect the scanner.
Your benefit: you can keep investements low by renting the scanner according to your schedule or choosing pay-per-use billing.

Depending on your budget and schedule, we also offer the option of scanning your film roles in our national, european or international scan labs.

Ask for a first quote, providing the following specifications:

  • original format: 35mm, super 35, 16mm, super 16, standard 8, super 8
  • type of development: positives or negatives?
  • length of the film role(s)?
  • condition of the film roll(s): restauration required yes/no
  • preferred scanning process: Wetgate oder Drygate?
  • preferred target resolution: HD, 2K, 4K, higher?

Scan-Solution on site:

  • no acquisition or maintenance costs
  • pay per use (i.e. billing per frame)
  • next to zero logistics costs and transport risk
  • complete control over handling, processes and quality
  • self-determined timing
  • installation of the workstation by technically qualified personnel
  • training of operating personnel
  • minimized costs through scanner sharing

How does the WETGATE technology work?

Data sheets

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Digitalising tapes

  • all tape formats can be digitalised: VHS tapes, DigiBeta, BetaSP and even U-Matic or D1-tapes.
  • conversion from NTSC > PAL
  • Scene detection software allows you to automatically split a long video into single clips that will be shown as separate files.
  • The final digital product can be exported as ProRes video file, with the original video settings, or converted to other, user-specific target formats.

Digitalising photos

  • photographs on glass slides, negatives, positives, framed slides or polaroid are scanned in the highest possible quality or, on request, optimized for quality/file size ratio.
  • images can be digitally retouched, cropped, color-corrected and optimized on request
  • the final digital product can be exported from small or medium image format (2400dpi, 3.200pi or 4.000 dpi) as TIF with 48 bits, as JPG or as other, user-specific image formats.

Expert keywording

Fully developed metadata solutions are usually required throughout each the entire process of each project – at the latest upon finalising digitisation. Expert keywording allows the resulting digital content to be categorized and tagged with industry-specific or company-specific keywords.
We provide a technically mature Metadata Management module with its indexing software "FP-Tree-Log".

How digitisation costs can generate revenue

If you are also interested in a partial, worldwide exploitation of your video and photo content (footage), please contact us
We're happy to advise you and give you an estimate of the potential for further exploitation, depending on image content, recording format and technical criteria such as camera type, etc.

Our offer – Best consultation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment, your portfolio of assets, and jointly develop a migration to monetisation strategy that is customized to fit your corporate objectives and maximize the return on your investment.