Media Gateway

Searching for content

Entering a specific or general term (keyword) into the search panel provides a list of suggested, related keywords to make research easier and more intuitive.
Broad search results can be narrowed down by adding search terms or by filtering a search result with advanced search options.

The possibility to restrict search results to specific categories, recording parameters (such as colour scheme, aspect ratio or audio options) or camera viewpoints help in finding the perfect match.

Real-time video player

Videos can be viewed as quick previews or in full screen mode.
Audio, if available, can be activated.

Keyframe view

Each video is additionally displayed in single-frame mode. The individual images provide a quick overview of the content of the video sequence.


The keywording process results in a structured display of technical and descriptive metadata as well as legal information and restrictions:

Descriptive metadata

Descriptive metadata is presented as clickable, linked keywords, which facilitate the search for videos with the same content.

If a detailed content description is available (Modul Metadata Management), a synopsis of the content will extend the descriptive/associative keywords.

Technical metadata

Technical information about the video can be stored depending on your wishes and needs.
For example, if an analog original (film roll) was scanned to HD, 2K or higher, or which non-digitised (positive, negative) and digitised versions (SD, HD ...) exist.
An important information that is often requested, is whether the analog original can be accessed or where originals are stored.

Rights clearance

Information on rights clearance provides an overview of rights and highlights usage restrictions or which third-party rights may need clearing. It also lists information on copyrights, audio rights, the scope of model releases, industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents, utility models, registered designs, etc.
Content and meaning of the individual rights are stored and accessible to everyone under "What does this rights status mean"

Watermark and additional information

Previews of videos can be protected against misuse by proprietary logo or neutral watermark.
Integrating essential information, such as a project number, into the preview files is optional.

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