Ernesto Che Guevara / Graffiti / Cuba
Cistern, Ernesto Che Guevara, Street Art, Graffiti, Tropical Plant, Cuba, Caribbean, Palm (Plant), Politician, Central America, Vegetation, Art, Latin America, Cloud, Travel Destination, Nature, America, No People, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Harbor / Container / Stockholm
Cistern, Outlook (View), Container (Large Container), Stockholm, Transport, Harbor, Industry, Working, Traffic, Cloudy, No People, Day, Stock Footage,

Spring / Yellowstone National Park / USA
Cistern Spring, Norris Geyser Basin, Wyoming, Snowscape, Steam (Vapor), Stationary Plate, World Natural Heritage, Winter, Non Urban Scene, Tree (Plant), No People, Body of Water, Day, Stock Footage,

Motorway / Germany / 1937
Streamline Bus, Reichsautobahn, Cistern, Aerodynamic, Scythe, Roadside, Mowing, Collection Julien Bryan, Highlights1514, Trailer (Vehicle Part), Traditional Agriculture, Multilane, Pulling (Procedure), Motorcycling, 3rd Reich, Road Bridge, Vintage Car, Lorry, Two-wheeled Vehicle, Road Traffic, Forest, Non Urban Scene, Historical Footage, Germany, 1 (Quantity), Man (Human), Adult, No People, People, Day,

City / Livorno / Tuscany / Italy
Cisternone, Cistern, Livorno, Water Tank, City Traffic, Residential Building, City View, Street, Day, Stock Footage,

News Footage / Oct 31, 2018
Cistern, Shortage, Supply, Mexico City, News Footage, AFP,

News Footage / Nov 4, 2015
Drought, Los Angeles, News Footage, AFP,

Atomic Power Plant / Chernobyl / Sep 21, 1990
Cistern, Atomic Industry, Nuclear Plant, Nuclear Accident, Atomic Reactor, Cyrillic Writing, High Voltage Line, Prypyat, Chernobyl Disaster, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Atomic Power Plant, Radioactivity, Contamination, Radiation, USSR, Emptiness, Abandoned, Electricity Generation, Eastern Bloc, Environmental Pollution, Technical Architecture, Crane (Machine), Car Ride, Driving (Procedure), Historical Footage, No People, Day,

Thula / City / Yemen
Cistern, Thula, Water Supply, House, Water (Liquid), City, Day, Stock Footage,

City / Mountains / Yemen
Cistern, Kaukaban, Water Supply, Rocky Landscape, World Cultural Heritage, Water (Liquid), City, Day, Stock Footage,

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