Lincoln Ellsworth / Archdale Parkhill / Australia / 1936
Archdale Parkhill, Discovery II, Lincoln Ellsworth, Arctic Explorer, Entering Port, Defence Minister, Homecoming, Gangway, Melbourne, Steamer (Ship), AYTR, CMP, Landing Point, Minister, Microphone, Speech, Handshake, Greeting, Personality, Politician, Crowd, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Adult, Day,

Lincoln Ellsworth / Rescue Operation / Antarctic / 1936
Bay of Wales, Discovery II, Lincoln Ellsworth, Antarctica Expedition, South Pole, Snow Shoe, Arctic Explorer, Rest, Drift Ice, Rescueing (Saving), Swell, Sleigh, Rescue Operation, Steamer (Ship), AYTR, CMP, Seabird, Iceberg, Pulling (Procedure), Penguin, Extreme Weather, Frozen (Icy), Cold (Temperature), Personality, Walking, Historical Footage, People, Day,

Vulcano / Volcanic Eruption / 1940 - 1949
Paricutin, Colima (Volcano), Mauna Loa, Pompeii, Archaeologist, Mount Vesuvius, Stream of Lava, Place Of Discovery, Excavation Site, Cloud of Smoke, Lava Rock, Cameraman, Volcanic Eruption, Roman Antiquity, Naples (Italy), Film Camera, Pacific Ring of Fire, Filming, Escaping, Hawaii (Island), Fear, Power in Nature, Catastrophe, Mexico, Danger, Ruin, Second World War, Soldier, Observing, Landmark (Sights), Working, Latin America, Child, Historical Footage, 1 (Quantity), City, People, Day, Stock Footage,

News Footage / Feb 13, 2020
Big (Large), Growth, London, News Footage, AFP,

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