Actor / Director / Italy / 1964
Piero Mazzarella, Eva Magni, Maschera d'Argento, Liana Orfei, Carlo Dapporto, Achille Corona, Saint-Vincent, Awarding, Award Ceremony, Congratulating, Actress, Minister, Applauding, Microphone, Speech, Handshake, Celebrity, Si gira!, Over 15 (Quantity), Politician, Artist, Group of People, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Actor / Italy / 1959
Capitoline Wolf, Alassio, Liana Orfei, Aldo Fabrizi, Kissing on the Hand, Awarding, Award Ceremony, Director (Arts), Congratulating, Prize, Actress, Applauding, Handshake, Celebrity, Funny, Si gira!, Audience (People), Artist, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Painter / Italy / 1966
Romina Power, Linda Christian, Liana Orfei, Rossano Brazzi, Fur Coat, Pipe (Tobacco), Art Exhibition, Cigarette, Photographic Equipment, Film Star, Actress, Singer (Musician), Highlights1621, Smoking, Photographer, Celebrity, Photographic Camera, Si gira!, Musician, Adolescent, Artist, Girl, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Politician / Italy / 1962
Antonella Lualdi, Blood Bank, Liana Orfei, Blood Donation, Alberto Folchi, Blood Taking, Donating, Fur Coat, Compassion, Charity (Concept), Commitment (Social), Actress, Getting Off, Smoking, Minister, Celebrity, Rome, Photographic Camera, Si gira!, Over 15 (Quantity), Doctor, Personality, Politician, Artist, Group of People, Historical Footage, People, Stock Footage,

Shooting / Il cavaliere dai cento volti / Film / Italy / 1960
Herbert A. E. Böhme, Il cavaliere dai cento volti, Pino Mercanti, Liana Orfei, Speaking Tube, Knight Tournament, Standard-bearer, Film Director, Allocating, Movie Set, Shooting (Film), Film Team, Director (Arts), Queen (Monarchy), Film Star, King (Monarchy), Actress, Filming, Reenactment, Costumes, Equestrian, Calling, Waving (Beckoning), Spectating, Riding (Horse), Costume (Clothes), Horse, Production Animal, Artist, Speaking, Italy, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People,

Shooting / Italy / 1962-1964
Duel of Fire, Fernando Lamas, Lisa Gastoni, Liana Orfei, Gallows, Reading Out Loud, Movie Set, Shooting (Film), Film Star, Cow Herd, Historical Clothing, Actress, Reenactment, Farmer, Costume (Clothes), Lazio (Italy), Si gira!, Military Uniform, Cattle (Domestic), Bovid, Hat, Over 15 (Quantity), Soldier, Horse, Production Animal, Village, Artist, Group of People, Mammal, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, People, Stock Footage,

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