Travel / Sights / Germany / 1936

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passenger planes; and aerial and other views of Berlin.
Clip theme
Travel Agent Guide Gas Station Attendant Service Occupation Train Conductor Railway Personnel Traffic Policeman Policeman Driver Service (Gastronomy) Service (Act of Working) Pilot (Airoplane) Aircrew Customer Passenger Pedestrian
Riding in Cable Car Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Directing Traffic Bus Ride Ride (Moving) Customer Interview Speaking Communicating Looking at View Looking Sensory Perception Kindling Stopping Queue Cueing Sitting Down Visiting (Looking Around) Sightseeing Getting in Railway Ride Smoking Consuming Waiting Gesticulating Body Language Cycling (Procedure) Car Ride Eating (Human) Drinking Flying (Flight) Smiling Mimic Walking
Recording location
Wuppertal North Rhine-Westphalia Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Schöneberg Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin (City) Lustgarten Berlin-Mitte (Locality) Mitte (Borough) Museum District (Berlin) Spree Island Alt-Berlin Großer Stern Tiergarten (District) Charlottenburg Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Hamburg Northern Germany Upper Bavaria Bavaria (State) Southern Germany
Description of individuals depicted
Fair-Skinned Skin Coulour
Further content information
Freeway Entrance Ramp Junction Trunk Road Road User Traffic Dome Car Wagon Vehicle Railway Semaphore Signal Railway Signal Signal Gläser-Cabriolet Cabriolet Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle SVT 137 225 Fast Railcar Multiple Unit Railway Rail (Railway) Wanderer (Fahrzeughersteller) Wanderer W250 Wanderer W50 Dennewitzplatz Square (Plaza) Mitropa Wuppertal Schwebebahn Monorail Rheingold Passenger Train Train (Vehicle) Streamline Bus Bus Commercial Vehicle Reichsautobahn Motorway Ticket Stamping Machine Cancellation Machine Automate Alte Bibliothek Library Culture Andreas Crossing Cross Panorama Window Window (Architecture) St. Hedwig's Cathedral Cathedral Church Sacred Structure Auto Union Car Company Hapag Shipping Company Bebelplatz Leather Glove Glove House Passage Gateway Travel Agency Shop Commerce Staatsoper Unter den Linden State Opera Opera House Cultural Building Berliner Stadtbahn Elevated Railway Railway Facility Continental Konzerthaus Berlin Concert Hall Altes Museum Art Museum Museum Schlossbrücke (Berlin) Bridge (Architecture) Sightseeing Bus Railway Station Zoologischer Garten Railway Station Dining Car Cigarette Smoke Smoke Wilhelmstraße Street Schedule Junkers Ju 52 Type of Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Brochure Print (Print Media) Deutsche Reichsbahn Railway Company Aerodynamic Motorway Exit Neue Wache Building (Edifice) Gendarmenmarkt Double Decker (Train) Humboldt University University Institution of Higher Education Education 18th of March Square Petrol Pump Town Sign Road Sign Sign (Signboard) Victoria (Sculpture) Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Art Railway Level Crossing Armory Automobile History Traffic police Police Karl Friedrich Schinkel Pariser Platz Typewriter City Tours Round Trip Tourism Travel Bavarian Prealps Bavarian Alps Northern Limestone Alps Limestone Alps Alps Mountain Region Mountain Landscape Berlin Cathedral Duomo Tour Bus Victory Column Column Gangway Train Journey Form of Travel Serpentine (Hairpin Bend) Mountain Road Top Station Cable Car Station Aerial Tramway Unter den Linden Motorway Bridge Road Bridge Petrol Station Mercedes-Benz Daimler-Benz Daimler Lufthansa Airline Swastika Flag Flag Spree River Body of Water Gondola Lift Aerial Lift Highlights1514 Road Trip High-speed Train Fast Train Steam Train Brandenburg Gate Gate (Architecture) Cigarette Tobacco Product Swastika Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) Double Decker (Bus) Steam Locomotive Locomotive Police Uniform Uniform Clothes Ship Journey Outlook (View) Avenue (Boulevard) Boulevard Steamer (Ship) Ship Watercraft National Monument Monument Panorama of the Alps Mountain Panorama Scenic Mountain Railway Traveling Train Underground Railway Map Tram Multilane Curve (Form) Rope Air Transport National Socialism Fascism Road Surface Marking Traffic Sign 3rd Reich German Reich Railway Track Dome Airliner Progress (Milestone) Summit (Mountain) Mountain Mountains Logo Stairway Public Transport Speed Wealthiness Midair Vintage Car Passenger Ship High Mountain Regions Steam (Vapor) Rail Vehicle Bicycle Two-wheeled Vehicle Ship Transport (Traffic) Airport City Centre District City Tourist Holidays Leisure Time Harbor Village City Traffic Road Traffic City View Lifestyle (Concept) Landmark (Sights) Sights Staging (Film) Capital City Snow 2 (Quantity) Non Urban Scene Metropolis (City) Large City Travel Destination Group of People Group Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult No People Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture View through Rear Window View through the Window Air to Air Aerial View through Front Window View through Side Window View to the Rear View towards Front View to the Side POV Sequence Travelling Shot Zoom Outdoor Shot

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