Aircraft Carrier / Vietnam War / Vietnam / Apr 20, 1975

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Marshaller (Air Controller) Air Traffic Controller War Refugee Refugee Civilian Cameraman Reporter Journalist Photographer
Wiping Off Evacuation Refueling Consuming Berthing Shipping (Activity) Loading Filming Getting in Lifting Photographing Taking Off Starting Gesticulating Body Language Writing Landing (Flying) Carrying Running Observing Looking Sensory Perception Flying (Flight) Walking
Recording location
Vietnam Southeast Asia Far East Asia
Description of individuals depicted
Asian Ethnicity Caucasian Ethnicity
Further content information
USS Midway Ship Watercraft Vehicle Grumman A-6 Type of Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopter (Aircraft) Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion Sikorsky S-65 Transport Helicopter Helicopter Type Northrop Corporation Aviation Industry Grumman Aerospace Corporation Bell UH-1 Fighter Bomber Fighter Aircraft Bomber Warplane Military Aircraft Northrop F-5 Tiger Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter Battle Jet Jet Fighter Vietnam War War Conflict Political Event Politics Bridge (Ship) Bell Helicopters Helicopter Manufacturer Red Cross Aid Organisation Organization (Association) Rotor (Technology) Aircraft Carrier Warship Radar Measurement Engineering Non-governmental Organization Marine Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Forklift Land Vehicle Elevator Safety Glasses Eyeglasses Propeller Chinese South Ocean China Sea Pacific Ocean Ocean Sea (Landscape) Body of Water Suitcase Luggage Photographic Equipment Equipment Boeing American Navy Navy Machine Gun Rifle Long Gun Firearm Weapon Jet Aircaft End of War Deck Film Camera Camera Navigation G.I. American Soldier Protective Clothing Clothes Armed Symbol Figure (Sign) Culture Multi-ethnic Photographic Camera Spotlight Lighting Technology US Army Helmet Headguard Headgear Over 15 (Quantity) Team Group of People Group 6-15 (Quantity) Lettering Crowd 3-5 (Quantity) Reflection Sunset Sun Dusk Twilight Child People Living Being Evening Sky Motor Vehicle Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
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