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1959: In the WOLRD SERIES; the Los Angeles Dodgers out-hit; out-run; and out-play the White Sox to leap from last season's cellar position to the pinnacle of diamond success.
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Dick Donovan Larry Sherry Sword Dancer Race Horse Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Tomy Lee Duke Snider Neale Fraser Alex Olmedo Billy Casper John Thomas Jury Track and Field Athlete Sportsman Sports Baseball Player Jockey Tennis Player Golf Player Opponent Photographer Amateur (Sports) Journalist Personality Professional (Sports)
Throwing Up Arms Hand Raised Hand Sign Gesticulating Body Language Gallopping Running Dunking (Procedure) Winning Applauding Clapping Handshake Cheering (Jubilating) Throwing Splashing (Liquid) Jumping Looking at Camera Looking Sensory Perception Playing Smiling Mimic
Recording location
Mamaroneck New York State East Coast (USA) USA North America America Forest Hills Queens New York City Louisville Kentucky Southern United States San Francisco San Francisco Bay Area Northern California California Southwest Chicago Illinois Midwest
Description of individuals depicted
Athletic Body Typ Multi-Ethnic People
Further content information
Referee's Chair West Side Tennis Club Tennis Club Sports Club AAU Platform diving Sports Event Chicago White Sox-Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Game Baseball (Sports) Ball Sports Ball Boy Chicago White Sox Baseball Team Comiskey Park Baseball Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities West Virginia (Mannschaft) College Team Team Sport Winged Foot Golf Club Golfclub Golf Course California (Mannschaft) Los Angeles Dodgers Scoring Judge AAU Organization (Association) College Basketball Basketball (Sport) NCAA Basketball Championship Championship Kentucky Derby Galopp Horse Racing Horse Racing Animal Race Race (Sports) Front Somersault with 180 twist Somersault (Jumping) Figure (Sport) Twist (Sport) Basketball Club Score (Result) World Series NCAA Sports Association Churchill Downs Racecourse Racetrack Davis Cup Tennis Tournament Tournament Holing Out Golf Home Run Madison Square Garden Event Hall Hall (Room) High Jump Athletics Header (Dive) High Diving (Competition) Diving (Water Diving) Water Sports Tennis Match Tennis Diving Platform Pitcher (Baseball) Putt World Record Record (Procedure) Backflip Cup (Trophy) Trophy Tennis Court Final (Sports) Baseball Field Playing Field Solidarity (Unity) Display Panel Display (Electronic) Photographic Equipment Equipment Scoring Coliseum Arena (Event Hall) Swimsuit Swimwear Clothes Basin Water (Liquid) Precision Referee (Sports) Public Swimming Pool Tribune Achievement Lawn Green Space Competition (Concept) Enthusiasm Feeling Pool (Swimming) Photographic Camera Camera Concentration Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Event (Cultural) Happiness (Happy) Feeling Success Feeling Team Group of People Group Portrait Adolescent People Audience (People) Outdoor Recreation Recreational Activities Leisure Time Crowd Head (Anatomy) Joy Feeling Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City City Group of Animals 2 (Quantity) Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day Newscast Audiovisual Culture
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Zoom Indoor Shot High Angle Shot Pan (Camera Movement) Long Shot Outdoor Shot Newsreel
Equus Equidae Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammalia Animalia

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