Urban Life / Berlin / 1932

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Drayman Coachman Half a Pig Pork Sort of Meat Meat Food (Nutrition) Food (Food & Liquids) Nutrition Milkman Supplier Window Cleaner Scavenger (Occupation) Dachshund Dog Breed Dog Wolf Canis Canini Canidae Canidae Carnivora Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Market Woman Market Vendor Salesman Merchant Commercial Occupation Service Occupation Train Conductor Railway Personnel Butcher Hairdesser Technician Fish (Nutrition) Passenger Businessman Business People Pet (Animal) Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Perissodactyla Worker (Human) Pedestrian
Street Cleaning Cleansing (Procedure) Street Sale Enwrapping Going Downstairs Walking On Stairs Ringing the Bells Window Shopping Shopping Purchasing Buying Consuming Wiping Bottling Walking The Dog Climbing Stairs Operating (Machine) Toasting (Drinking) Presenting Getting Off Break Rush Hour Spraying (Process) Smoking Arrival Pulling (Procedure) Logistics Motorcycling Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Waving (Sway) Waiting Flowing Spectating Looking Sensory Perception Looking At Cycling (Procedure) Eating (Human) Drinking Transport Rotating Looking at Camera Eating (Animal) Sitting Working Walking
Recording location
Schöneberg Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Charlottenburg Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Tiergarten (District) Mitte (Borough) Berlin-Mitte (Locality)
Further content information
Road User Traffic Jeder war einmal in Berlin Slogan Written Text Lettering Figure (Sign) Culture Milkstore Food Shop Shop Commerce Rathausbrücke Bridge (Architecture) Meierei C. Bolle Dairy Company Neuer Marstall Royal Mews Building (Edifice) KaDeWe Department Store Haus Vaterland Street Sweeper Vehicles Cleaning Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Factory Gate Gate (Architecture) Milk Delivery Delivery (Goods) Window Decorations Decoration (Adornment) Rail Commuter Train Passenger Train Train (Vehicle) Railway Rail (Railway) Berliner Stadtbahn Elevated Railway Railway Facility Tauentzienstraße Street Stadtschloss Berlin City Castle Castle (Mansion) Political Building Tuft Of Chamois Hair Used As A Hat Decoration Rubbish Collection Exit (Road Off) Gateway Beer Barrel Barrel Local Train Exit (Way Out) Small-size Transporter Weimar Republic German Reich Pariser Platz Square (Plaza) Flower Shop Berlin Cathedral Duomo Church Sacred Structure Mannequin Advertising Material Advertisement Beer Bottle Bottle Mini Van Entrance Area Entrance Hairdresser's Shop Slaughterhouse Beverage Bottling Plant Bottling Plant Luncheonette Stall (Shop) Cigar Tobacco Product Beverage Industry Food Industry Industry Railway Line Full Vase Pipe (Whistle) Spree River Body of Water Fish Market Market (Place) Barge Cargo Ship Ship Watercraft Highlights1605 Routine Potsdamer Platz Steam Train Brandenburg Gate Brewery Drinks Manufacturer Steps Shop Window Window (Architecture) Open (Condition) Riverboat Steam Locomotive Locomotive Swimsuit Swimwear Clothes Bell Cabriolet Car Cargo Wheel (Vehicle Part) Inland Navigation Ship Transport (Traffic) Commuter Bouquet Flower Plant Cart Traditional Means of Transport Women's Fashion Fashion Work Trip Emptiness Traveling Train Beer Alcoholic Beverage Beverage Horse-Drawn Cart Harnessed Team Peaked Cap Cap (Hat) Headgear Working Clothes Freight Transport Curiosity Western Script Dress Door Railway Track Dome Urban Life City Railway Station Road Bridge Crowded Stairway Public Transport Flowing Water Water (Liquid) Vintage Car Steam (Vapor) Rail Vehicle Bicycle Two-wheeled Vehicle Place of Worship Religion Hat Factory Suit Machine Lifestyle (Daily Life) Smoke City Centre District Street Scene Flag Crowd Group of People Group City Traffic Road Traffic Christianity World Religion Morning Boy Male (Human) People City View Landmark (Sights) Sights Child Capital City 2 (Quantity) Metropolis (City) Large City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Adult No People Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Travelling Shot Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Low Angle Shot Medium Shot Full Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Canis Lupus Familiaris Canis Lupus Canis Canini Canidae Canoidea Carnivora Eutheria Mammalia Animalia Equus Equidae Perissodactyla

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