Potsdam / Germany / 1933 - 1937

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Potsdam; 1937: sans soucis; castle; Friedrich der Große (Friedrich II); Friedrich the Great
Clip theme
Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
Climbing Stairs Walking On Stairs Visiting (Looking Around)
Recording location
Sanssouci Potsdam Brandenburg Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Maenad Mythology Culture Fortunaportal Entrance Gate Entrance Steuben-Denkmal Monument Iron Pavilion Pavilion Building (Edifice) Garnisonskirche Church Sacred Structure Stadtschloss Potsdam City Castle Castle (Mansion) Political Building New Palace Frederick II of Prussia King (Monarchy) Monarch (Monarchy) Monarchy Politics Sanssouci Palace Chinese Teahouse Teahouse House Pergola (Architectural Element) Death Mask Mask (Object) St. Nicholas Church Weather Vane Karl Friedrich Schinkel Flute (Instrument) Woodwind instruments Wind Instrument Musical Instrument Music Rococo Armchair Furniture Trick Fountain Fountain (Construction) Windmill (Building) Steps Figure (Object) Decoration (Adornment) Mill General Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) Basin Water (Liquid) Library Inner Court Courtyard (Architecture) Palace Garden Park Green Space Baroque Fountain (Water) Clock Measurement Engineering Architectural Style 3rd Reich German Reich Book Print (Print Media) Dome Stairway Column Place of Worship Religion Statue Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Art Historical Building Roof (Architecture) Tourist Tourism Travel Christianity World Religion Building Exterior World Cultural Heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site Landmark (Sights) Sights Large City City Historical Footage No People People Living Being Day
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