Gemini Project / NASA / Space Flight / 1965

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1965; GEMINI-4 mission; pre-flight test (for space walk); Major Edward White. The United States walks away with the latest honors in the space race. Major Edward White takes a six-thousand mile jaunt as he paces his Gemini-4 ship across that void that is the threshold of the unexplored. The saga of the heavenly twins begins at dawn and goes off with hardly a hitch. Trouble with the erector holds the countdown for an hour and fifteen minutes; but the Titan Two gets off the ground in a thrilling display of harnessed power. It was planned for the capsule to follow the booster stage; but it was falling back into a lower orbit and the astronauts were ordered to give up the chase. Then came Major White's walk that will go down in history. He stayed outside the capsule for 20 minutes...twice as long as the Russian cosmonaut... Our man had to be coaxed back into the capsule! Then; the flight went on towards its goal of 62 revolutions and a trip of ninety-seven hours and fifty minutes. Success
Clip theme
Lyndon B. Johnson Driver US President President of the State President (Politics) Politician Politics
Rocket Launch Test Taking Off Starting Looking At Looking Sensory Perception Reading Preparing (Getting Ready) Flying (Flight) Speaking Communicating Sitting Working Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking
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Cape Canaveral Merritt Island Florida East Coast (USA) USA North America America Houston Texas Southwest Space
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Gemini Space Suit Spacesuit Pressure Suit Working Clothes Clothes Gemini Spacecraft Spacecraft Astronautics Edward White Spaceman James McDivitt Gemini Project Space Race Space Program Space Flight Welcome Sign Sign (Signboard) Capsule (Object) Air Force Base Military Base Army (Military) Telescope Optical Device Mission Control Center Van (Car) Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Elevator Space Capsule Control Room Rocket (Space Travel) Television (Communication Media) Audiovisual Culture NASA Space Agency Air Force Chair (Seat) Furniture Smoke Hand 2 (Quantity) Group of People Group Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being 1 (Quantity) Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult No People Day Stock Footage Newscast
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Shot on Film View through Rear Window View through the Window Architecture View through Front Window View through Side Window View to the Rear View towards Front View to the Side POV Sequence Travelling Shot Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Low Angle Shot Aerial Indoor Shot High Angle Shot Medium Shot Full Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot Newsreel

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