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Nowitzki in Top Ten der Scorer - O'Neal fürchtet um Rang Dirk Nowitzki gehört mit 26.714 Punkten zu den zehn erfolgreichsten Scorern der NBA-Geschichte. Der sechstplatzierte Shaquille O'Neal fürchtet um seinen Rang - trotz 1855 Zählern Vorsprung.
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Shaquille O'Neal Topscorer Sportsman Sports Dirk Nowitzki Cheerleader Basketball Player Barack Obama US President President of the State President (Politics) Politician Politics Fan (Admirer) Supporter Personality Professional (Sports)
Coming In Handing Over Giving Congratulating Tribute Interview (Media) Speaking Communicating Handshake Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Waving (Beckoning) Partying
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Dallas Texas Southwest USA North America America Washington (City) District of Columbia Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
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SID Dallas Mavericks Basketball Club Basketball (Sport) Ball Sports NBA Champion NBA (Basketball) Sports Association Organization (Association) Milestone (Concept) Pompons White House (Washington) Official Residence Government Building Political Building Record (Procedure) Popping of Flashbulbs Photoflash Lighting Technology Stretching (Exercise) Gymnastics (Gym) Tricot Sportswear Clothes Smartphone Mobile Phone Telephone Telecommunication Communication Technology Parade (Procession) Event (Cultural) Head of State Team Sport News Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being Adult
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